Sunday, 30 December 2007

Welcome To The Freelace Writer Journal!

Being a freelance writer is a tough job - there is absolutely no doubt about that and any fellow writer will confirm this statement for you! You soon get used to the 20 hour days, juggling jobs and buyers that want the Earth for little return.

I am a freelance writer myself and know just how difficult it is to get into the business so I fully appreciate just how much of a struggle some of you will be experiencing just to get a break. I am lucky in that I have an estabished reputation and have regular buyers that repeatedly provide me with work, but for those of you that are having to settle for a lousy $1 an article, this blog is for you!

There will be a whole host of resources here for you to tap into including freelance sites that can help you and tips from me to get a better return for all of your efforts!

Good luck!

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