Thursday, 23 October 2008

More On Business Finances And Credit Cards

I was re-reading through some of my previous posts on here and realised I had yet to discuss the obstacles that you may face when you apply for credit cards if you work for yourself. Few lenders will actually offer you a credit card if you are self employed because they have no guarantee that you will pay the money back. Although some will ask for your accounts or will consider you as a result of your bank balance, others will just decline your application immediately, so what to do?

The solution lies in your status as a business in your own right, believe it or not. When self employed individuals apply for credit cards, they are much more likely to meet with success if they do so through their business. This is risky if you want it for personal use because you could end up in debt via your business. However, if you are applying for a credit card for business purposes then the likelihood is that you will recieve a stamp of approval. Although banks are currently a little reticent to loan businesses money, very little has changed in terms of the amount of credit card approvals.

Always be sure to compare the best possible rates of credit cards when you apply because there are best value products out there and others that are extremely poor by comparison. The same principle applies to business finances as to personal finances so be sure to compare, compare, compare before you apply!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Promote Your Business: Using Personalised Stationary

Everyone entering into a career as a freelance writer can have all the writing skills in the world and still may not make that career a success. This may sound daunting but it is a fact. Any businessperson needs skills relating to self marketing. It is essential that any freelance writer learns how to market him or herself in order to get work. Some use websites, others use composed advertisements but the best place to start marketing yourself is in your local area by going to fairs, work expos and visiting local businesses because it is the people attending the events and local businesspeople that will put work your way.

To market yourself effectively you will need to look the part. One of the best ways to do this is to use personalised stationary. There are many companies around that offer personalised business stationary and many of them allow you to create your own business cards, letterheads and other stationary that you may need. By using these services, you can create your own logo and font relatively easily and thus make an impression on those individuals that may hire you.

Business cards are essential to hand out so that individuals can contact you at a later date if they need any writing completing, such as content for a website. Those business cards should include your name, address, phone number and email. You may also include your logo and motto or a short sentence giving them a reason to hire you. They can keep your card for future reference, thus making your marketing campaign a long term one rather than an instantly forgettable one.

If you do want to try out your own business cards then a company called VistaPrint is a great place to try. They offer free business cards (which can be found behind the link) for all new customers so you will only have to pay postage and packing for your first order, unless you decide to order stationary and other essential items as well. Their prices are reasonable so check them out if you want to save money and mount a successful marketing campaign. I use them and I have to say that I find their products value for money, especially the repeat order function available. After all, with any luck you would need more cards in the future!

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Associated Content For Poetry!

I've mentioned Associated Content in a post before now as a good way to showcase your work and earn a little extra money as well, but this may surprise you...

... You can publish stories and poetry on Associated Content as well!!!

I found this out completely by accident when I claimed a call for content, but just check out my limerick if you don't believe me!

The Democrat Sheriff
This is a political limerick in honor of Barack Obama, the Democrat candidate for US President in 2008.
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Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Manage Your Accounting And Credit For The Crunch

small business credit cards
It's certainly been a while since I blogged on here but I am lucky enough to have been incredibly busy over the last few months. I'm extremely glad of that given the fact that there is a credit crunch now in full swing! Work seems to be steady at the moment but I credit the fact that I am extremely conscious of my finances to explain the fact that my business is doing well so far. Of course, that is not to say that I will not need a helping hand in the future but I have confidence in the fact that my finances have been pretty stable so far and may continue to be so.

One of the reasons behind this is adequate financial planning and I can offer tips to help others, the first of which concerns the proverbial rainy day! Always make sure that you have a business savings account or a personal savings account with a little set aside for those just in case moments because you never know. Try to have at least two months operating costs and personal costs put away because that gives youtime to either get back on track or to find a part time job to supplement your writing. Also, you may want to consider having an emergencies card just in case you are waiting for a buyer to pay you. I am having difficulty with a client who keeps putting off payment. As annoying as it is, it prevents me from purchasing stuff that the business could do with. However, I have an American Express credit card that I put any expenses on and then pay off in full every month. This also helps separate business expenses for tax purposes as well, which is a bonus.

Just be smart and make sure that your financial future is protected as far as possible. This will save a lot of heartache in the future.