Thursday, 23 October 2008

More On Business Finances And Credit Cards

I was re-reading through some of my previous posts on here and realised I had yet to discuss the obstacles that you may face when you apply for credit cards if you work for yourself. Few lenders will actually offer you a credit card if you are self employed because they have no guarantee that you will pay the money back. Although some will ask for your accounts or will consider you as a result of your bank balance, others will just decline your application immediately, so what to do?

The solution lies in your status as a business in your own right, believe it or not. When self employed individuals apply for credit cards, they are much more likely to meet with success if they do so through their business. This is risky if you want it for personal use because you could end up in debt via your business. However, if you are applying for a credit card for business purposes then the likelihood is that you will recieve a stamp of approval. Although banks are currently a little reticent to loan businesses money, very little has changed in terms of the amount of credit card approvals.

Always be sure to compare the best possible rates of credit cards when you apply because there are best value products out there and others that are extremely poor by comparison. The same principle applies to business finances as to personal finances so be sure to compare, compare, compare before you apply!

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