Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Get Noticed By Staying Relevant!

If you are looking to become a writer or at least looking for a second income in the coming months then all of the tips I have given so far will help you to forge a career as a freelance writer. However, none of the tips are as relevant as the one I am about to give- stay relevant to your audience and keep up to date with current events. Writing something relevant about modern day life or about a major event in the news will undoubtedly get you a little exposure and get your name out there!

Take, for example, the tragic news of the death of Jett Travolta. I wrote about it on my blog and received a massive response - in fact it was the biggest response to a single article I have had. I wrote about sending my condolances to the Travolta family and giving my opinion about how life is too precious to take for granted. That article can be found here. Giving your opinion on a current event in that way will encourage people to interact with you and discuss your post with their friends as well. This will get you a little recognition in itself, but then you can take it to a higher level.

I also wrote about the poor teenager's death on AC because I think it typifies the spirit that many communities have lost. People should now about it because it will bring many together in their well wishes for the Travoltas. It's also a good news story and so could be added to my work portfolio (on a more selfish level). However, the response I received on there was unbelievable. The article got 837 views within 2 days of being published... which is unheard of for my work on there because I usually write general articles! That article can be found here:

Jett Travolta, Son of John Travolta, Dies at the Age of 16
News broke yesterday that Jett Travolta, the 16 year old son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston, died after having a seizure whilst on vacation in the Bahamas. This article examines the story.
Jett Travolta, Son of John Travolta, Dies at the Age of 16

If you take a look at the two, you can also see that I have written for the audiece. My blog article has a lot of my thoughts and opinions, whereas the AC article is more factual with a little of me in there. Writing for the audience is very important but as long as you keep it relevant then people will come to see your work. You can develop your style from there.

If you want to write at either a good blog host or AC to get your name out there then the links to join are below:

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If you do join either then post your link as a comment here and then everyone can visit!

Friday, 2 January 2009

A Good Business Manual To Start Freelance Writing Full Time

I've been a professional freelance writer for some time now but do not profess to know everything there is to know about working for myself. In fact, there is probably more that I don't know then information I do know! However, I found the ultimate business startup bible over Christmas when I was given a book as a present. This is not any old book though - it's Steve Monas's Shoestring Venture: The Startup Bible.

Now I usually hate reading business start up books, both those that tell you how someone else did it and those that profess to be how to books. They bore me and are generally useless because they are written by self indulgent and arrogant businessmn that have no clue how to speak to someone like me! However, I was plesantly surprised to find that this book was different. It is actually a well laid out manual so it acts as a practical guide. I'm ashamed to say that I would not have bought this myself had I not been given it as a gift, but now I would not be without it and would highly recommend it to everyone else looking to make a go of their own business, whether that business is writing or not.

The Startup Bible covers aspects of business that I didn't even think about let alone plan for or consider in too much depth! Take outsourcing for example. I do not like turning down work and so would rather work 20 hours if the opportunities arise than saying no. However, it pointed out that if I had too much work and not enough time then outsourcing is the best option in terms of client retention. Of course, client retention is important for any business but the possibility of giving work to another freelancer did not even enter my head! That section in the book is outstanding because it deals with everything I need to know in a straightforward and yet comprehensive manner. All sections are like that in fact and all of them are equally impressive.

Even if you do not read the book all the way through, The Startup Bible is a handy manual to have on your desk for reference. All of the information is aimed at the individual business owner and is based on principles that have helped others succeed in the past. As such, it is a good investment as it will not date. You will need other resources for certain areas. Take blogging for example. There is very little on it in the book but then there is enough about that on the Internet. Most of the information given in the book is hard to find online, or at least hard to find in one place. As a result, I would highly recommend it.

You can view the book and buy it here at Amazon: Shoestring Venture: The Startup Bible. It is well worth every penny.