Thursday, 20 November 2008

Blogging For The Freelance Writer

If you want to become a freelance writer or would like to get your abilities noticed then you may want to look into blogging as a hobby. Many people make a good living as a professional blogger these days. Of course, many bloggers just blog for fun whilst making little or no extra cash on the side. They may want to vent or air their opinions, but the majority of bloggers are frustrated writers in some way, shape or form!

Starting a blog is a fantastic way to start showcasing your talent. You can use posts as example work ad can also hone your ability by writing on your own blog, just as if you had a written journal.

There are many blog hosts that you may want to tap into, such as Blogger, but if you want to make a little money then why not go for a provider that will pay you per post? I started a personal blog today at because I did not have a personal blog at all! is great for new bloggers because they pay you $1 per 100 word post and also give you 2c per view, meaning that you can make decent money if you build up your readership, whilst honing your talents at the same time! The money may not sound like a lot but many hosts will not pay you at all.

Just click on the link - - to get started and blog away! Registration is easy and you will find that it is a great way to get started for any writer in waiting!

My new personal blog can be found here: English Opinion. Please drop in and take a look!