Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Blogging Tips For The New Year!

Quick one today. I just wanted to wish everyone a happy new year and a great 2009! Hope Christmas was a good one this year and everyone had a good time.

I've also just published an article on freelance writing and blogging on AC today. It gives you the basics of getting started and some tips on making extra cash from blogging as well so please take a look.

The Basics of Blogging for Your Freelance Writing Career
Do you want to be a freelance writer or earn an extra income with freelance writing? If you do then try blogging. This article will tell you how and why to get started.
The Basics Of Blogging For Your Freelance Writing Career

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Becca said...

Great post, thanks! I'm a regular to this site, but I rarely comment (sorry). I did want to ask if you happened to read the recent article about the hottest job skills of 2008. The reason I mention it is because it shows how demand for blogging skills are 4 times greater than the previous year. That tells me that having this skill will help carry us through this horrible economy.

Looking forward to your next post!